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August 2013 Update
Posted on Aug 12th, 2013

  • At the June 26th meeting the following were elected:
President              Debe Hauschild (204)
Vice President       Jim Hammock (308)
Treasurer             Wynde Hammock (308)
Secretary             Terry Talley (402)
Asst. Secretary     Susan Cole (301)
Social Committee  Jen Upton (407)
  • The board will be updating this website with minutes and current events, etc.
  • Please remember that storage of personal items on open or visible parking spaces is NOT permitted. EACH unit has an assigned storage pen per Exhibit "H" in your ownership documents. If you need additional storage, perhaps you can contact a neighbor about leasing their pen. 
  • EACH unit has TWO (2) assigned parking spaces. Please contact a neighbor if you wish to use their space for ANY reason. 
  • It is the desire of this board to work with all owners to ensure that we continue to have a first class property. 
Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have. 
The next BOD meeting is August 30th @ 3:30PM; Unit 204. All are welcome to attend. 
Debe Hauschild
405-760-6437 (c)