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Posted on Jun 24th, 2011

  The Centennial Owners Association (COA) and the Centennial Loft Owners Association (CLOA) remain busy at work to improve all aspects of life at the Centennial. As many of you know, Lynn Garst was President of both associations, but he recently resigned. Wynde Hammock, previously Vice-President, then became President. At the May26th COA Board of Directors Meeting, Jim Hammock was unanimously elected to serve on both Boards. The Boards of Directors welcome Jim! We know that he will be a great addition to the Boards.
  The Boards have now compiled a detailed "Action Item" list of various issues and initiatives that are all now in progress to be addressed and/or corrected. A copy of that list, as it is updated from time to time, will be posted on our website under Documents/ CAO Board/May 27 Action Items. As you will see, the list addresses issues related to building security, budgeting and assessment of fees, enforcement of Rules and Regulations (both for the residents and our neighboring retailers), building maintenance, and other miscellaneous issues. Your board along with Ben Bynum and Stonegate Hogan are actively involved in seeing all Action Items resolved.
  As always, we welcome input from all of our residents. Please feel free to contact a Board Member or through the website at Contact Us if you have items that you think need to be brought to our attention. We're looking forward to making the Centennial even better than it already is!!
  Be sure to check out the Documents section of your website. All of the Organizational Documents, the Board Meeting Notices and Minutes, the Centennial Rules and Regulations for both the COA and CLOA, as well as other documents, are now listed in an organized manner for your perusal.
  If you are having trouble getting into the password protected area of our site, just simply login with your email address and put in your password. If you have forgotten your password, simply login with your email address and indicate that you have Forgotten your Password. The system will automatically send you a new one. Anyone who does not have a password, the system will automatically inform us that you are attempting to breach our password protected portion of the website.
  Again, enjoy the Centennial!!
Carla Sharpe, Secretary