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Presidential News Update!
Posted on Apr 12th, 2011

I do not want to be remiss in failing to mention the other fine directors that were elected as COA officers.
Elected to serve as my Vice President, is Wynde Hammock. My first “command, Presidential decision” was to expand her role as the CLOA Building & Grounds Chairperson to the COA Building & Grounds Chairperson. Technically, this expanded role gives Wynde and her co-Chair (Max McTeer) management oversight over the entire Centennial complex. They will be working very closely with Ben Bynum, Property Manager, to ensure our home is being properly maintained. If you see Wynde and Max in the future, please thank them for taking on what is probably the most important job of service to us all as Centennial Owners.
Carla Sharpe was the “busiest” director in our COA Board Meeting yesterday! She was elected to fill the office as COA Secretary and was feverishly taking minutes of the meeting for the entire duration. As a competent attorney in her “real life,” not only did listen carefully to accurately take notes, she also participated in helping the directors understand some “legal points” that came up in our lengthy discussions. As evidenced by Carla’s precise, accurate summary of the minutes and action items prior to adjournment, there is no doubt we selected the right person for the job!
Last but certainly not least, Susan Coles was elected to fill the office of Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. Susan will fill in for Carla as Secretary when necessary but her most important role is to “educate me on the finances”. As you know, the Centennial complex cannot operate with a budget; therefore, Susan and I plan to look at our expenses for the past three (3) years and see if there are some things the board can do to expand Centennial services without increasing your monthly fees. We cannot guarantee anything at this point but only assure you we will try!
Also, this is an excellent opportunity to remind everyone about Susan’s other very important role as the “Social Committee Chairperson”. Everyone planning a future “social event” on the fifth floor (i.e., exercise room, pool or deck), should coordinate their event or activities with Susan.
There is an “Application for Events” posted on the Centennial Lofts website in the “Documents” section. The application and policy to coordinate social events were voted in by the loft owners a couple of years ago; therefore, it does not hurt to remind everyone occasionally of our joint responsibility to continue honoring this policy. I believe Susan and her committee may be thinking of some other ways to help “spread the word” more effectively amongst the owners.
Guess what?
The first step towards making our Centennial Building a more secure environment is now in the works!
The Loft Owners again owe a debt of gratitude to Wynde and Max for taking the time to plan and coordinate the installation of an “unmonitored,” security camera system in the Centennial Building. My understanding is the security camera system will be operational in approximately two weeks.
Max is especially deserving of our sincere appreciation as he personally located a “quality, professional” system we could purchase at a “rock bottom” price. The entire system and installation costs were about $7,000, less than half of our original estimate for a lower quality system than the professional grade system we now have. Way to go Max and Wynde!!!
Hope this bit of information excites you as much as it does me and will find you anxiously awaiting more good news to come!
Yours sincerely,
Lynn Garst, #201
CLOA/COA President