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CLOA President’s 1st Newsletter!
Posted on Mar 21st, 2011

During the March 19, 2011 meeting, there was an Officers & Directors’ Management Overview presentation (posted in website “documents”), summarizing many of the issues and problems with building management over the last three (3) years. The presentation was not intended to point fingers but rather to emphasize many frustrations expressed by loft owners since we initially organized in the 1st annual CLOA meeting.
The officers and some of the directors from the 2nd annual election have been meeting together in person, e-mails and phone calls for the last several weeks, discussing what we could do to “right the ship” so to speak. The group came to the conclusion there were many positive management initiatives that could be implemented, provided we were given the opportunity and the authority to do so.
Needless to say by the overwhelming support we received, everyone contacted was pleased to hear someone decided to take the lead and correspondingly, showed their support by giving us their voting proxy.
The Board of Directors do know full well that for our management initiatives to be perceived as successful, those policies and procedures must be supported by majority support of the loft owners, therefore, we plan to send out a questionnaire in the very near future as an attempt to get the “pulse of the community”.
The purpose of the questionnaire is to provide all owners with an opportunity to express their collective will by responding to objective questions dealing with the general areas of building management. The questionnaire questions will be phrased in such a way they can be answered as “Yes”, “No” or “No Opinion”.
The questionnaire answers from each unit will remain anonymous except to the President, who will score and tabulate the responses based upon the voting percentages allocated to each unit by the CLOA declaration. No person (except for the President) will ever see the responses of any unit owner; however, the total response scores of all units will be tabulated by each question. The totals for each question will be distributed to the units that submitted a response, as well as posting the totals on our website.
You will know how your answers compared to the scored responses of the majority! The Board of Directors will then use the results to amend our management initiatives and goals as necessary based upon the responses.
As your President, I want to emphasize how important good communication is to all of us. For this reason, I encourage you to review your website profile and update phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, and anything else that you find to be inaccurate. Our Board of Directors will use this contact list as our primary resource for loft owner information so please help us to keep you informed by updating profile information as required.
It is my plan to send out regular, monthly “Newsletters from the President” as a way to keep you updated on many interesting subjects, using the website; therefore, please continue to log in to the website regularly as it is a wonderful information tool!
In addition to newsletters from me, other officers and board members will be posting information on the website as well. For example, Carla Sharpe, CLOA Secretary, will be posting minutes of the board meetings. Susan Coles, Website Administrator and CLOA Treasures, will very often post upcoming events and neighborhood news items of interest.
If you are still with me reading this feeble 1st attempt at news reporting, you are most likely exhausted by now so I will close for now. Hopefully, I will get much better as time goes on so be looking forward to the next newsletter to see if there is any hope of that being true!!
Sincere regards,
Lynn Garst, #201
CLOA President